Using technology to read and write
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Client Comments

parent1Clients’ Comments

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and helping them to find solutions is a constant thrill. For example, a child quietly smiling because he’s discovered he can write by himself; or a successful adult who’s suffered a head injury or stroke realising he can reteach himself to use words. Here are just some of the many comments we’ve received.

‘Every child should have the opportunity that I have had.’
William, Year 12.

‘Although I have worked in the field of Special Education for 15 years, I first used Digital Writing tools for my own purposes this year (2010) when I experienced a temporary disability. I found the tool to integrate seamlessly into my professional life. I now use it every day and it has become an essential part of my usual “modus operandi” even though no longer essential.’

’Speech recognition software would help the children express their best ideas because they wouldn’t have to work as hard at writing, or take shortcuts (for example thinking of an alternative sentence because it is shorter).
Simon, Year 7

We have used Speaking Solutions (Digital-Learning) to help our child overcome issues with his handwriting. The results that have been achieved are amazing and have made him more independent with his education. I strongly recommend Speaking Solutions. The new independence our child has gained has been truly amazing.
Raewyn Edwards

I was in despair before you arrived on the scene.

Your advice and knowledge has been appreciated, invaluable in fact.
Pauline (parent)

We have benefited from your wisdom and from gaining insight into a range of software possibilities before we invest in a computer upgrade.
JW (parent)

Wish we had discovered you people before our son went to university.