Using technology to read and write
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Digital Learning is for students or adults who have difficulty getting words onto paper and reading text they have to, or want to, read. This can be the result of some form of dyslexia, dyspraxia, physical restrictions, fatigue, or simply not having developed the relevant skills of writing, reading or spelling. Sometimes, students’ fingers cannot keep up with their active minds because they lack the skills to write or type fast enough. They may have reading levels which are well ahead of their age group, but their writing abilities don’t match. This can be extremely frustrating. Digital Learning can provide the perfect solution. Clients who find difficulty just getting started on a piece of writing, or with ordering their thoughts, can also be supported.

Key Benefits:

  • A structured, individual approach to reading, writing and spelling, using the correct digital tools to match the need
  • Students have a way to finally get their ideas down on paper
  • When the appropriate software is used, ideas become ordered and logical
  • All pieces of writing, including emails, Word documents, newspapers, books, lessons, teachers notes, etc. can be read out loud to you, via digital technology.


  • Imagine producing written work to match your level of thinking.
  • Imagine reading data or emails from your colleagues with ease and then replying to them without difficulty.
  • Imagine being able to tap the keyboard and have any written material read aloud to you.


  • Tools:
  • We offer a wide range of digital tools and have never failed to find a solution to a communication problem. These include:
  • Specialised software such as mind mapping, speech recognition and symbol word processors
  • Hardware such as touch monitors, recording devices, headsets, special keyboards, laptops, microphones and graphic tablets
  • Recording pens and notetaking devices.